Chom Chom Roller vs FurZapper – Which is the best one?

Finding the appropriate pet hair remover tool is crucial for cat hair removal. The Chom Chom Roller and the FurZapper are two of the more well-liked products available. We will review and contrast these two pet hair removal methods in-depth in this article. We’ll look at their attributes, utility, usability, and overall efficacy. By the end of this article, you will have a good grasp of the advantages and disadvantages of both products, assisting you in selecting the one that will meet your needs for pet hair removal in the most effective way.

Chom Chom Roller 

Chom Chom Roller

The Chom Chom Roller is a portable pet hair remover with a patented design that can collect pet hair from a variety of surfaces. An interior hair collection chamber and a reusable brush make up its special mechanism. High-quality materials were used to make the roller, which does not need power or any adhesives that attach to things. Pet hair is collected and kept inside the chamber for simple disposal by users who simply run the roller over the chosen area in a back and forth motion. The versatility of the Chom Chom Roller makes it a good choice for pet owners. It is renowned for working well on furniture, bedding, and clothing.



Another well-known equipment for removing pet hair that takes a different technique is the FurZapper. It is a reusable silicone gadget that you can put in the washer or dryer with your laundry. In order to keep pet hair from adhering to textiles, the FurZapper attracts and captures it using its unique surface roughness. It successfully gets pet hair out of clothes, beds, and other machine-washable goods. Because it may be used again for washing, one benefit of the FurZapper is its long-lasting durability. Additionally, because it is devoid of any dangerous ingredients, it is safe for both people and dogs.

Comparison in terms of:

User Reviews and Feedback 

It’s beneficial to read user opinions and comments to have a more complete grasp of the Chom Chom Roller and the FurZapper. The Chom Chom Roller is praised by many users for its ability to remove pet hair from a variety of surfaces, including clothing and furniture. They like how simple it is to use and how it doesn’t need any additional adhesives or power sources. The roller is said to be strong and long-lasting, offering excellent value for the money, according to users.

The FurZapper has also received favourable feedback from pet owners who have included it into their laundry regimen. People who have used it praise its capacity to capture and remove pet hair from clothing and bedding, keeping it from clinging while being washed and dried. Since disposable lint rollers and adhesive tape are no longer necessary, they value the FurZapper’s reusability.


Both the Chom Chom Roller and the FurZapper provide trustworthy pet hair removal in terms of effectiveness. There are some significant changes to keep in mind, though. Compared to the FurZapper, the Chom Chom Roller is better suited for surfaces like clothing and upholstered furniture. Especially on bigger surfaces, the Chom Chom Roller could require a little more work to roll back and forth than the FurZapper, which merely has to be tossed into the washer or dryer.


The Chom Chom Roller is convenient to use anyplace because it is portable and does not need a power source. The FurZapper, on the other hand, integrates smoothly into your laundry routine and does away with the necessity for a further step.


While the FurZapper only needs to be rinsed and reused, the Chom Chom Roller needs to periodically clean the brush and empty the hair gathering container. Both products are really good in terms of maintenance and have a lengthy shelf life.

Pricing and Availability

It’s important to take their costs and accessibility into account when contrasting the Chom Chom Roller and the FurZapper. Prices for the Chom Chom Roller normally range from $20 to $30 and are offered online and at a few chosen merchants. On the other hand, a set of two FurZappers can be purchased for $10 to $15 online and in some retail locations. It’s important to remember that their cost-effectiveness or pricing can change based on the vendor and any active deals or discounts.


Your own requirements and preferences will ultimately determine whether you choose the Chom Chom Roller or the FurZapper. The Chom Chom Roller offers a handy and practical solution if your main goal is to get rid of pet hair from items like furniture and clothing. 

The FurZapper, however, is an easy option if you’re looking for a pet hair removal device that fits in with your laundry routine. When choosing, keep in mind aspects like the surfaces you need to clean, convenience of use, and price. Both items can significantly reduce the amount of pet hair in your home and have demonstrated efficacy in resolving pet hair issues.

Both the Chom Chom Roller and the FurZapper are useful tools for removing pet hair, but they also have unique advantages and uses. When choosing between the two, take into account your unique requirements and preferences. 

The Chom Chom Roller may be the best option if you seek a portable and adaptable solution for pet hair removal from surfaces. The FurZapper is a good choice to take into account if you’re looking for a hassle-free and laundry-focused alternative. In the end, each product has advantages and can be quite helpful in controlling pet hair in and around your house.

Best Alternative of Chom Chom Roller and FurZapper

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